Davin Levenberg

Director of Operations

A senior operations executive, Davin manages the day-to-day operations of Evolution, keeps the systems running and spearheads all trade show and event planning.

Additionally, he runs the fully integrated Digital Rights Management System for Evolution’s global licensing programs, overseeing all contract and rights compliance; royalty, product and sales reporting, and manages the logistics related to financial receivables.

He has over a decade of experience in running e-commerce programs, from site development, product sourcing, warehouse operations, order fulfillment and customer service and is also an expert in Amazon e-commerce operations and consulting, retail operations, inventory logistics and digital rights management.

Having previously worked with renowned IP owners such as the Magician/Illusionist Criss Angel in Las Vegas, he has experience in copyright, trademark and patent filing and management, as well as managed creative production team producing content for YouTube and television.